Computer Robot



​The future is right around the corner:
Watson - The smartest human ever times 1000 (that we know about) that could be copied with a 'ctrl c'.
IoT - Internet of Things - Everything at the touch of your finger. Isn't that right Alexa? 
Industry 4.0 - The goal is Zero factory jobs.
Autonomous vehicles (self-driving cars) - Self-driving Cars to Self-driving Trucks. Who needs truck drivers?
Doctors 3D Printing body parts.

​What does all this mean for your family or family to be?
The thing is with all this advanced technology, it kills experience.
The entire goal of A.I. is to cut out the Middle and Low Waged Workers. 
Yes, the rich want to get richer, and it's a worldwide thing.
​But, don't you?
A.I. is the Master of Habit. Every Habit!
- Might want to Start? -

Robot on Wheels