Some call it a "Side Hustle"
Here we don't like that term as we perceive "Hustle" with ripping someone off. 
Don't try to rip anyone off. You are better than that.

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Sports brand Under Armour was set up by a college football player who wanted sportswear than stayed dry in tough workouts. He started driving up and down the east coast, selling his shirts out the back of his car.

Salman Khan started teaching math to a distant relative over the internet. His family told him he was good at it - so he started making more and more videos. In 2008 he left his job and now runs the hugely successful online learning platform The Khan Academy.

These were all just projects the founders did on the side of their regular jobs. None of these guys had any experience in their field. They were simply doing something they were passionate about. And well... Not giving up. 

Forget what all those get rich quick schemes tell you, it doesn't happen overnight. 
There are a lot of "Salespeople" who will try and sell you on the quick fix. This is to make money for themselves. 

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Good luck to all who care in this world!
The Masters of Habit Team
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"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."


- Winston Churchill