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Image by Jamie Street


Program: This dog training programs teaches the basics of training a dog all at your home.

Primary Goal:

Create a habit in the dog owner of training the dog. 

Secondary Goal:

Create basic good habits in the dog so they listen to you. 

Obedience Training

A knowledgeable dog training program with the bases of human habit for success. 

Most take the time to drive to a class, spend an hour each week, and they still need to come home and train the dog more.
Why not take this class, learn from a master, and create a habit in yourself to train your dog?

Dogs want to do what works for them. But as a dog owner, you want the dog to be obedient too. Learning together with a common goal takes practice.  

Think about a boy hitting a baseball. They need to practice and practice at it (and with someone). This isn't much different except that the owner needs to practice with their dog. The dog will know how to sit. But the trick is sitting on command. 

Dog Lover
Dog with a toy

Areas the program focuses on:

  • Eye Contact​​

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Stop Jumping

  • Come

This 4-week program will help get you in the habit of teaching your dog these basics. 

Ask any dog trainer... "Will my dog learn basic commands if I don't work with them on it?" It doesn't work like that in life for people or dogs. The ability to learn a skill needs to a habit.


This program is based on two things: 

  1. Knowledgeable instructions on how to train a dog.

  2. Building a habit into the owner to train their dog.

This four week at home program is designed to give you the correct way

to train your dog all with "Doggy Food."

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