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"Find Your Why."

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”
– Jim Ryun

Unique Health Programs goal is to get individuals to start Exercising and to create a Habit within them. We do this by creating Unique Programs that are based on Habit Principles.

These are not meant to be hardcore exercises. They are designed to create a want or need to exercise. 

These are starter programs that have a purpose, builds on teamwork, and creates a habit so the individual could continue down their own path of exercising. 

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It is a marathon and not a sprint.


Everyone who has started and stayed with exercise has adapted to what works best for them. They are not exercising the same way as they started out. This is a start.


Each program is based on four weeks as we:

  • We start with the simplest exercises.

  • ou keep track of your progress within the system.

  • You continue…

  • The progress continues as the workouts become stronger.

  • You continue…

  • In the final week, you complete a strong workout.

  • Successful finishing the program.

  • You continue how you best see fit.

You don’t need a fancy gym to start your workouts. Maybe just a reason ‘Why’.

Exercise does not have a one to one relationship. Exercise has a one to many relationship with life.


As if you take time to exercise, it will help you in so many more aspects of your life. But, only if you are consistent with it. 

These programs are not about body image. They are about the first step to exercise and not quitting. 

“I can show you how to box. I can teach you every technique and trick I know, but I can never make you a fighter. That comes from inside, and it’s something no one else can ever give you.” 

Joe Louis

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Strong as a Mother

If you want to get into the habit of exercising, please consider a program today.

Programs start on Tuesday.

(Because who likes Mondays?)

“Owning a multi million-dollar horse… to your own billion-dollar body”

Zig Ziglar

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