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Yoga by the Sea


“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.”

John Dryden

Practicing Yoga

We want to help people succeed at their goals.

Exercise or whatever.

This is why we focus on their habits as well as additional knowledge to get them there. 

No one will do it for you. Great things in this world come through consistency. 

Here, we take the education the masters have to say and put it into our programs. With their knowledge, we put that into a habit-forming program for you. 

Our Habit Programs:


Habit programs consist of examples of how habit is created. They are linked all back to our blog as we believe the knowledge of habit should be free. Examples would be:
Starting Small
The Stanford Marshmallow Experiment
And a lot more…

Habit Programs Cont.:


All of our habit and success knowledge is found in our Engineering Habit section. 

We believe that habit should be free. But ownership needs to take part or else it will not be done. This is why we team with the Masters and put a price on the program. 

For an example of the program, please see our YouTube video: 

Home Fitness
Girls Jogging Together

It is a Marathon and not a Sprint. Whatever consistent goal you have, you will have to have build habits into that dream. Here is to you and your dreams!

To Your Habit Success,

From All of us at the

Masters of Habit Team

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