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Reverse Diet
Nutrition Challenge

 Unique Health Programs
Mental X
(Habit Forming Exercise Challenge)
Starting May 6th

X as in using the mathematical unknown we all have.  

Mental Health is No Joke!

From our habits, to the way we were raised, to our fingerprints, to our mental health, we are all at different stages.

One thing all the Masters in the world agree on is that exercise has a huge beneficial connection to our brains.

In this exercise habit-building challenge, we will be challenging you to exercise throughout the week but also be bringing personal stories to those who sign up. 

This Four-week program is geared to help relieve the pressure of mental stress with exercise. 

Here we are planning to exercise 5 times a week (starting small and building up) to help activate our primal thoughts through exercise. 

There is not only one way to do things but finding out your best exercise for you and sticking with it is a pretty good start. 

Bring a friend to the challenge and see what we have to bring out.

Image by Victor Freitas

What you will receive?:

  • Digital Habit Checklist

  • Link to Saturday afternoon conversation

    • This will be recorded to be watched on your time.​

    • This would be an area to know of other peoples struggles. 

  • Daily reminder to exercise. ​

  • A Team that has common goals. 

This Program:

This is even more of a unique program than our other ones. Because this is such a sensitive topic, it will only be a one-directional way of information. We will give you stories of mental stress and hope you do your best with them. 

Exercise can help!

Please consult your doctor regarding your mental health :-) 

See here for more:

Mental Health

Image by Emma Simpson

Take advantage of this 

Free Challenge!

Even though this is a free program, bring a friend along to create a habit in exercise with you:

2 for 1

* We do not take mental health lightly. 

If there is any type of concern, please go to a doctor to talk about the best options. 

We consider Exercise to be one of the best forms to help with certain stresses. This is why we feel this is a worthwhile program. To Exercise, to compete in a positive way, to exercise with a friend, to hear stories, to know you are not alone. 

- The best for Everyone -

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