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Start with Your Why

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

In order to create a new habit for yourself, one should start by asking themselves ‘Why’.

Why should I eat healthy?

Why should I exercise?

Why should I stop smoking?




This is a question that only you should ask about yourself. It is a question that only you can make happen.

Simon Sinek is an author and inspirational speaker. In his book “Start with Why”, he alludes to the Golden Circle:

The ‘Why’ is at the core of the circle.

Mr. Sinek also has given talks on TED in the presentation: How great leaders inspire action. Here he brings the Golden Circle and the Why into the importance of the goal.

The importance of the ‘Why’ is for growth.

What we think is important is You and Your ‘Why’!

Why do you want to eat healthy?

Why do you want to exercise?

Why should I quit smoking?

These are questions for you to answer for you. So, you will continue with your habits and goals.


Please see another one of our posts on the "Why".

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