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The Snowflake, a Team, and part of our Logo...

Yes, our site “Masters of Habit” is about creating good Habits for specific programs designed by Masters in their field. But, there is a lot to create good habits and be successful. With this, we bring in Teams to play a role for success. This is where the snowflake logo comes into play.

We look at one of the most powerful natural forces in this world - Water. Now, if we take a single drop of water and freeze it, you will get a frozen drop of water. But looking at it a different way, coming from the sky, we get a snowflake.

Every snowflake has six sides. These six sides are what we like to form the perfect team. (Sorry Mr. Bezos and the 2 pizza rule. Just a different way to look at things.)

Every snowflake is different. Just like each person is different, each team will be different.

Along with this, the term "Snowball Effect" is associated with habit and getting better. Start small and continue to build.

With all this said, we choose the snowflake for our logo.

To your health,

The Masters of Habit Team

To see a crazy scientific yet simple process of how a snowflake is created, please watch this TED Talk:

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