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Personal Contract

A hard copy of a personal contract that is signed by you is a way to hold accountability. Ownership is one of our primary principles of creating habit. This is one way we suggest you create that ownership.

A physical, hard copy, piece of paper with your signature shows yourself that you want to be committed to your goal. We don’t think it is the end-all but it’s another way to create habit in your life.

Write out what you want or are going after and sign it.

The goal is important but how you get there is important too. Our programs help with how to get there but you are the only one that can create ownership for yourself.

We offer this Personal Contract HERE…

Please feel free to print this contract for yourself out. It is not tracked by anyone but you. And it is free.

If you have a significant other or friend, it is suggested you have them sign it to for confirmation and to have their support. Have them sign the back of it as the goal you are trying to reach will ultimately help them too.

Of course, you may create your own. But please sign it and have another sign it as ownership is important.

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