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Divorced Dads
Exercise Challenge

 Unique Health Programs
Divorced Dads
(Habit Forming Exercise Challenge)
Starting November 13th

Being a Dad is Tough!

Being a Dad who wants to be with their children but can't is tougher.

Exercise can help cope with a lot in a divorced dad's life.

Exercise can clear the mind, strengthen the body, nourish the soul, and bring more health to a man. 

So when it's time to be with the kids again... you are happier!

This free Habit-forming exercise program is being set up for a man who is divorced, going through a divorce, or any mixture of that nature. 

This Four-week program is geared to help dads who struggle with divorce or anything within that realm. Exercise has a huge benefit to help the man deal with this and so much more. 

This habit-forming exercise program will help the individual in exercise but also show he is not alone.

We will have a Q&A area but that is only if you want to partake in it. Otherwise, this program is totally confidential.

The WHY?

In creating Habits, the Why is very important.

Divorced Dad's have a huge WHY... 

For their kids, for themselves, for their future!

Exercise can help in so many ways. This program brings out the Why and is focused on helping in more areas than just exercise. But exercise is a big one...

Tell a friend who might need this today.

The HOW:

This isn't a program to build a Greek god. It's a program to heal through exercise and maybe some insight.

We are basing this program on time. Time is an equalizer as a 25-year-old dad has the same time in a day as a 72-year-old dad. 

To the GOAL:

Get in the habit of exercising so you could look and feel the way you want. 

Take advantage of this 

Free Challenge!

Even though this is a free program, bring a friend along to create a habit in exercise with you:

2 for 1

* As this program is geared toward the divorced man, we are looking for a Master in Exercise (Woman) to lead a similar program.

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