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Want to start to get into the Habit of Yoga? From Home?
Follow Lindsay as she shows simple yoga routines for you to find the benefit of yoga. And allow our Engineering Habit area to help guide you to making yoga a habit. 

Program: Yoga Beginnings is a program for the basics of yoga. To start to learn the flow and get the flexibility. 

Primary Goal: Get in the habit of yoga for yourself. Start to feel the benifits of the movement and flexabilty in yourself. 

Secondary Goal: Know that you have the confidence and experience the yoga practice more. 

Image by Dane Wetton

Have you ever wanted to try yoga but just a little nervous to join a class?


Yoga is enjoyed by so many. Why not you?


Here, we want you to go after all yoga has to offer. But, in order to do that, you will need to be in the habit of the exercise. Yes, exercise but so much more.

Yoga is a group of physical and mental practices and so much more. It was created centuries ago in India and is known for its practice benefits. Even though the yoga name has become bigger and the practice has spread throughout the world, the ability to gain from the practice comes with consistency.


Have you ever asked someone how was their yoga class? The answer is always basically the same:

  • It was wonderful.

  • It was awesome.

  • I truly enjoyed it.

  • I should do this more often.

Yoga at Home
Yoga by the Sea

Areas benefited from yoga and this program:

  • Flexibility

  • Strength

  • Confidence

  • Walking Taller

  • Accomplishment

  • Calmness

  • Piece of Mind

This 4-week program will give you this and more but only if you make it a habit. 

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