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Giving a Hand


A program specifically to help people get out, exercise their dog, and add an exercise

routine as well. 

Primary Goal:

Create an exercising habit. 

Secondary Goal:

Get stronger through

walking their dogs. 

Woman With Dog

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

CS Lewis

Do you know, Exercising can give you more ​energy?

And as a mom, I'm not saying energy to do more, but to actually enjoy the downtime when you get it. 

Moms give their all. 

Moms, if you are not in the habit of exercising, this program is designed to get you into that habit. 

Female Dog Walker
Person with dog

Areas the program focuses on:

  • Arms

  • Upper Back

  • Lower Back

  • Core

  • Gluts

  • Legs

  • Walking

  • This 4-week program will help get you up and exercising at work. 

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