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The Program: This program is about your goals in life! Do you want to run a 5k, do a Sprint Triathalon, Bike 100 miles? You can do it! It might not be easy but it takes habit to reach your goals 

Primary Goal: Pick the goal you want to go after and start small.

Secondary Goal: Continue pursuing your goal by adding more time to your exercise routine. 

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Question: What exercise goal have always wanted to accomplish for yourself?

  • Is it Run a 5k?

  • Finish a Sprint Triathlon?

  • Take a 100-mile Bike ride?

  • Do 100 consecutive push-ups?

  • Swim across a lake?

Whatever you want, whatever you have dreamed of doing... This program is set for you to do it!

One of the biggest hurdles in life isn't knowing what you want, it's taking the time out to go after and do it. 

Take the time to go after your exercise goal. It's not for anyone else. It's for you and you alone. 

Set a goal for yourself, bring a habit of exercise into your life, set some time aside to go after what you want, and accomplish your goal! 

The exercise you bring to your life will make you happier and the goal you accomplish... well that's for you too!

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Image by Fitsum Admasu

This specific exercise program is based on time. 

We do not know what you want to do but want you to go after your exercise goal or accomplishment. 

One of our Habit Architects will be meeting with you on a weekly bases for progress. They too will be going to achieve their personal goals. As a team, you will achieve your own goal. 

Exercise is for you. Habit is for you. Your goals are for you. 

It might not be easy for you but with your habits, you can do this. 

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