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We work with a Tribe or Team to win Together.

In order to win in the human prehistoric days. And by “Win” I mean Stayin’ Alive (like the Bee Gees). You know, so they don’t get eaten by Lions and Tigers or worse by a Liger. Humans needed to form a Tribe or Team to win and survive. This habit and pattern of success has stuck with us to this day.

It made it a lot easier a learn from other and for others to help one another.

So, we bring Teams into play. Examples with Team Heart or Team Cancer Sucks. These two teams want the best for you but you can only join one.

The idea is to win and do your best for that team through the points you earn.

So, you are winning with the points you earn and learning with the forum.

In the end if your team wins… You ultimately win! Right?

And you winning and succeeding at your goal is really what it’s all about!

So, do your best for your team and you will do the best for yourself.

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