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Women's Defense
Educating a Women's Worrier Mindset


Women - Learn to defend yourself and the exercises to go

along with it.

Primary Goal:

Educate yourself with defense moves shown by a Master in Defense. 

Secondary Goal:

Apply the exercise and workout routine for a stronger mind and body.

MMA World Champion TBD will walk you through a Self-Defense program. 

Understand certain positions and their escapes, and the exercises to make you stronger in these circumstances. 

Learn the techniques that teaches her students on a daily basis so they have the strength and best mindset to defend against an attacker. 

Areas of assault could happen at any time and throughout one's life. Understand certain circumstances before they ever happen, the methods to get out of those situations, and have a mindset and strength to help yourself. 

This program adds knowledge of situations and an exercise program so you can bring your strong mindset and physical strenth for when you need it. 

Outdoor Training
Karate Class

This program focuses on three areas:​

  1. Educational - Understanding situations that might happen with the moves and strikes you should use. On the street or in the office.

  2. Physical - Exercise the techniques you can do for your strength and health.

  3. Mental - Bringing a stronger mindset to the situation along with everyday life.


This 4-week program will help get you ready for that unfortunate situation along with bring you strength in your life. 

Additional articles to so you have the statistics:


The Habits you take on now could be your saving grace in the future.

Female boxer
We Create that Exercise Habit
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