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1-Minute Abs
Exercise Challenge

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1-Minute Abs
Exercise Challenge 
Started December 4th, 2023
Next challenge coming in December 2024

Tim Ferriss has his "4-Hour Workweek"

to streamline time at work.

We have our "1-Minute Abs"

With the goal to get into the habit of exercising your core.

December Abs:

It's hard to diet correctly in December.

That doesn't mean you can't start to get into the habit of an Abdominal exercise routine. 


Building muscle in the off-season and get ready for a healthy habit eating routine come January! 

Image by Szabolcs Toth

The WHY?

It is called the "Core" for a reason as it keeps the person to be stable and balanced. 

Strong abs have a way to help a person carry themselves better.

Start with 1-minute abs and go from there...

From 1-minute to 2-minutes to a 10-minute exercise routine and beyond. 

Create the habit in you to go where you dream of. 

Needed - Master of Habit:

We are looking for a master of abdominal exercise to take this 1-Minute Ab program and build off it to make a complete exercise routine. 

Focusing on the core and building out to make a solid habit-forming program. 

Please contact us if interested. 

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Take advantage of this 

free challenge today!

And if you have a friend to go through this with... even better!

Check out our 2-for-1 Theory

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