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 Dog Training Challenge
and Fundraiser

Do dogs have stronger habits than people?

Well, the question is more about how well can the owner

train their dog in those habits. 

Here we take the expertise of Dog Training expert Michael Burkey, all the fundamentals of creating a habit for the dog owner, and put that into an online dog training program that has no rival. 

Plus, in this training... we take half of your fee and give it to the Humane Society of your choice. 


Our last group dog training challenge was a huge success. It started and November 7th and we had a great group of people join.

Our next group dog training challenge will take place in February.

Please stay tune.

One-time payment of $99

This habit-forming experience for the dog owner will help to make your dog more obedient.


The class starts: Tuesday, November 7th

This collaboration of Engineering Habit and Exercise will be only 28 days long but the habits your dog exercising habit you make here could last a lifetime.

Dog Training 101 is available for you at any time.

This is Dog Training 101 +

This is where we take all the knowledge in the original program, bring a group of people online to take this course, and put specific dates to create the best online dog training available to you. 

25% of this fundraising program will go toward your choice of a humane society.

Once signed up, you will come to the join. 


This event will be led once a week by a habit architect that will bring in all the ideas of engineering the habit of exercise. 

Only make a one-time payment of $99

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