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Image by Jonathan Borba


A program specifically to help those who have IBD get into the habit of exercising.

Primary Goal:

Create an exercising habit. 

Secondary Goal: Exercise enough for you to help you control your IBD related issue.  


"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind." 

CS Lewis

For those of you with IBD, it isn't fun. But, you might be able to help your symptoms if you consistently exercise. Let us help you get into the habit of exercise.

The gut is affected by stress as well. Exercise could help relieve that stress. 

But, it won't come with a single day of exercise, you will need to make it a habit!

Image by Eugene Chystiakov
Running in Nature

Areas the program focuses on:​

  • Arms

  • Upper Back

  • Lower Back

  • Core

  • Gluts

  • Legs

  • Walking to Running

  • This 4-week program will help get you up and exercising at work. 

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