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“1 Minute Abs”

1 Minute Abs... LOL

Before you laugh at us, please allow us to do so first! Yes, we even call ourselves out when needed. To strengthen the body, we really are not too excited about working out for only a minute a day. We feel for the body to benefit, it needs more of a strain to be beneficial.

But… What if you start with only 1 Minute Abs and through Habit, you work your way up? Interesting concept?

If you look online, you can find crazy good ab workouts!:

From 10 minutes…

To 30 minutes…

To even 60 minutes…

Wow! A 60-minute workout focused on your abdominals. Talk about a “Belly Ache” – LOL.

To all that… There is a Science to how flat your stomach gets. AND it is different for everyone.

There are direct proportions to your food intake, cardio workout, ab workout, along with your entire body workout that needs to be in consideration. It is not easy.

In the end, please don’t think that the people who are in these exercise videos got to where they are today in a day, a week, or a month. All had to put in the time, energy, dedication, focus, nutrition, and more to look the way they do on YouTube. But that is for them. And what is best for them is great! And what is best for you is great!

We only get a short time to live on this beautiful planet. Make the most of it for yourself!

“To your Habits”

To all this, if there is an “Ab Master” that would like to create a program to focus on Abs and beyond, please reach out to us.

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