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I Get To!

It all begins with your mind.

If you are dreading doing something you, it means you don’t want to do it? Like… “I have to workout.”

But if we can fool the mind because we want to reach our goals. We can start on that road to the habit we want to build.

Try this:

“I get to work out.” As in it’s good for me.

“I get to eat healthy today.” As in it’s good for me.

“I get to walk the dog.” As in it’s good for me… and the dog.

Apposed to this:

“I have to work out.” Do you really want to?

“I have to eat healthy today.” Don’t want to but I guess it’s good for me.

“I have to walk the dog.” Well, he won’t walk himself.

Kind of makes you a little happier saying “I get to” instead of “I have to” as it’s force on you.

This little positive step forward helps build a step forward to the habit you want.

It’s about being happy with what you are doing. Not forcing it.

So, be happy - because you get too.

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