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Why we Start on Tuesday?

How Fun are Mondays?!?!

Yep… We all look forward to Mondays. Right?

Well, just incase you don’t, there are a few reasons why some might not look forward to Mondays:

  • Sleep Patterns were adjusted over the weekend.

  • Socializing: talking with coworkers to feel comfortable and secure.

  • Sudden Change in environment.

  • You feel crummy about yourself.

  • Unhealthy from the weekend.

  • You don’t like your job.

Pick one???

But, if you don’t believe us, wrote this article: How to Get Over Your Monday Blues

So, why would we start a program off on a Monday?

Get over the Monday hump and hit this program with ease on Tuesday.

One of the other reasons we don’t start on the first day of the work week is because of how we end the program. Our programs tend to last a full four weeks so when we end, the last day that is tracked is Monday (the hardest day). Designed with the idea that the person will get over the Monday hump with the program and continue with the habit they sought throughout the rest of the week and on.

So we start on Tuesday and go forward.

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